E6PR is developing today, the packaging of tomorrow!

E6PR is a leading company in the molded fiber industry, through rapid product development and high-speed market entry with an exclusive focus on molded fiber high-performance packaging solutions.

Our Features

Pushing the limits of molded fiber technology to develop solutions requiring:

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Resistance to humidity, temperature and high pressures.

Application example: Eco Six Pack rings applied during wet conditions, carrying filled cans.

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High tension, compression and puncture resistance.

Application example: Closures for jars, bottles, other containers.

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High quality finish and printing.

Application example: Food product that requires labeling, product information etc. on its packaging.

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Complex geometries and assembly mechanisms.

Application example: Small inserts of a carrier packaging/substrate.

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High barrier protection to oxygen and moisture.

Application example: Powders (e.g. Protein powder, instant coffee).

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Custom-made solutions, from design to market in weeks.

We want to hear your Innovation Ideas!