Test Kit

10 Sample Can Holders and 1 Pad Applicator.
*Sample can be a combination of the 4 variations

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About This Product

Test Kit

Our Test Kit is the best way to test out E6PR's Eco-Holders! Shake-it, submerge-it, find out how sturdy they are.

Eco-Holders made from natural plant fibers.

Compostable & Biodegradable.

Designed to safely carry six regular/standard (211) or sleek (204.5) cans with 202 can ends, any volume, throughout the whole supply chain; from the canning line to retail shelves, and on to your consumers.

The Test Kit includes 10 Eco-Holders in total, these can be the same format and if mixed it is 5&5. The PAD applicator is compatible with the format requested, and if a mixed kit is requested, only a 6Pack PAD will be included; which allows the application of both formats.