Twin-Head Applicator

$35,000.00 - $39,000.00

Price per Unit

2024 EXW - US (USD)

Lead Time: 16 weeks from order to FAT

(Includes Destacking Unit* for selected format)

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Twin-Head Applicator

A fully automated system solution to apply the eco-holders, reaching speeds of up to 140 cans per minute.

Designed to apply regular/standard (211) and sleek (204.5) cans with 202 can ends.

Easy and quick format changeover, as well as fast height adjustment for different can specs.

"In-Feed - Out-Feed Position" determines the flow of the in-coming cans vs. the out-going packs.

Small footprint for optimized space.

MOQ (Qty)


Destacking Unit*

Can Type

Can Height

In-feed - Out-Feed

1 Unit

6Pack and/or 4Pack

6Pack and/or 4Pack

Regular and/or Sleek


In-Line / L-Shape

* Destacking Unit - Eco-Ring destacking system, defines the pack format to be applied.